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Parent company, Pandae Storage Systems, has been in existence for the past 24 years, serving the motor, manufacturing, mining and logistical industries with distinction over this period. The company’s core service is the provision of workshop and storage solutions in vast operational areas including motor dealership workshops and stores, above and below ground workshops at mines, along with warehousing and industrial furniture for all industry sectors. With increased environmental awareness, and subsequent legislation, one of our clients, Mercedes Benz South Africa, approached us to design waste areas for small, medium and large dealerships. Through the design, development and deployment of a prototype test site, Pandae established scientifically based and industry tested processes that enable motor dealerships, parts distribution centres and automotive body shops to vastly improve the environmental impact of their operations in a cost efficient way, whilst adhering to the latest environmental legislation. Today, Pandae’s Green Solution can assist any company, regardless of sector, to manage their entire waste management and recycling requirements in a sustainable way, whilst generating the relevant reports to fulfil their legal obligation.