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Pest Management - Birds

Best pest control for birds – Get rid of birds without harming them!

Effective bird control is not an exact science. Different bird species and varied installation sites mostly require a combination of products to properly control pest birds.


Critical to the success of any bird control solution is the removal, all be it temporary, of the pest birds on site.


This is required to ensure that birds are not trapped by the solution employed to keep them out.

Bird Control

We ensure that we employ all means to capture birds without harming them. We will not allow young birds to be separated from their parents and seldom resort to culling as a solution.


We use approved cages and mist nets to capture birds and where there are no young birds present we use ultrasound to chase birds from the premises.


Cleaning and disinfecting is a critical part of the bird control solution. Removal of the nests and droppings prevents lice and a number of diseases. Droppings are also acidic, unsightly and carry a number of airborne diseases.  It is crucial that they are removed by qualified personnel with the correct safety equipment and disposed of correctly.


Cleaning is essential. Droppings have been known to cause ceilings to cave in due to their sheer weight.

Lastly, wet droppings are slippery and pose a risk to staff or customers.


  • Bird Deterrents are a part of effective bird control by preventing pest birds from landing and roosting on buildings and signs.
  • Bird Exclusion Systems are the most efficient products for pest bird control and keep birds away from their roosting and nesting sites.
  • Bird Repellents, a number of various methods are used to repel birds from your premises. They generally affect the pest bird’s senses with visual, tactile, taste and audio repellents.

Pest Management - Birds