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Pest Management - Flies

Best pest control for flies – Get rid of flies immediately!

Because of their mobility and filthy nature, flies pose a significant health threat in food processing facilities. As a result, there is a growing demand for a solution to flying insect pests.

Fly control and maintenance

To ensure effective control the following is considered.


  1. Detailed Inspection - A systematic inspection of the facility is conducted to identify the species of insect, locate entry points and breeding areas, and to identify sanitation conditions conducive to flying insect activity.
  2. Sanitation recommendations - Pandae personnel are trained to recognize sanitation problems and will provide ongoing recommendations to initiate corrective action.
  3. Exclusion Techniques - Preventing the entry of flying insects to your facility is one of the keys to a successful flying insect program. Recommendations will be made during monthly visits to ensure that your facility remains “insect proof”
  4. Insect Light Trap Placement (ILT’s) - Insect light traps are an effective means of eliminating flying insects. Our maintenance program ensures that these devices are functional and cleaned on a monthly basis

Pest Management - Flies