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Pest Management - Rodents

Best pest control for rodents – Get rid of rodents immediately!

Mice and rats are unwanted guests in your place of work causing considerable financial loses in a very short space of time. They cause significant damage to electrical wiring, archive documents and furniture. They have even been implicated in causing fires after chewing though electrical cables


They can bite, consume and contaminate food, cause diseases and carry fleas or ticks. Rats and mice breed rapidly and adapt quickly to changing conditions – so the key is to take action immediately.

Indications of rodent activity
  • As rodents are nocturnal creatures, seeing rats or mice during daytime means there is a serious problem!
  • Partially eaten fruit and other foodstuffs.
  • Signs of gnawing on doorways, food packets and containers.


The concern at most business premises is that when these creatures are active the chances are not many people are there, so the extent of the infestation may not be realised, thus the reason for the automatic inclusion of this in Pandaes waste management service. Watch out for evidence of droppings to take action before financial losses are experienced.

Rodent treatment

It is difficult to treat rodents on a “once off” basis.

If you live in an environmentally sensitive area, you should insist on a “multi–feed” rodenticide. It takes longer to work, but limits the secondary effects on owls or other animals, that may eat a dead rodent.

Rats and mice breed rapidly and adapt quickly to changing conditions. If you have seen a rat in your home take action immediately.

Rodent proofing

Once under control the following is advised to avoid re-infestation.

  • Removal of potential food and water sources.
  • Sealing off holes and openings around doors, windows, pipes, vents and drains.
  • Regular removal of garden and office waste.
  • Clean, designated refuse collection area, with proper bin lids on all refuse containers.

Pest Management - Rodent Bait Station

Rats and mice breed in a six week cycle.


  • Rats and mice are nocturnal, which means they are more active at night!
  • The reason rats are always gnawing is that their teeth never stop growing!
  • A rat can have up to six litters a year.
  • Rats chew through many materials, including electrical wires which can then cause fires.
  • Rats bring fleas, mites, ticks and lice into your work environment.