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Training Staff

Pandae Green Solution has identified that training staff with the correct knowledge, skills, and specific useful competencies is the key to providing a superior Recycled Waste and Pest Management solution to any organisation.


Training has specific goals of improving the capacity, productivity and performance of an individual to perform the backbone functions needed on site.


We have taken this opportunity to create jobs by setting up a training academy to provide the competent staff required and thus taking that pressure off the organisation.


On-Site Training

Having high quality staff operating most of the time un-supervised, we have opted to employ above average general workers undergoing a psychometric test ensuring they are dependable before training commences. A comprehensive waste & pest management training academy has been set up on our premises. After extensive theoretical and practical knowledge is parted over a 3 day course, onsite training will take place for 2 weeks ensuring no stone is unturned. The most qualified and best students will operate at smaller dealerships as we will only have one employee on site.


Book training now! The benefits – in terms of money, the environment and regulation compliance – of good waste management are clear, but expert help is often needed to achieve them. In addition to Pandae running and managing the waste onsite, we offer ongoing waste management training to all departmental heads and will provide them with training aids to ensure all their staff will be properly trained. This training will help staff identify, minimize, manage and recycle waste materials and products of all kinds.


Pillars of Training Academy
Pillars of Training Academy - Green Solution